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Hot Spring

Daihachiga river hot spring


Daihachiga River Hot Spring

It is indispensable to heal the tiredness of the trip, a spacious bath. We have a hot spring public bath on the 1st floor in our hotel. A plentiful spring from the land of Hida Takayama is a sodium hydrogen carbonate spring. This spring is smoothy and very soft. I am sure your skin become beautiful as well as recovery from fatigue.

Outdoor bath that immerses you in an oriental atmosphere

Built on the bank of the Daihachiga River, you can relax your travel-weary body and enjoy the warm water and nature of Hida.

Large public bath/indoor bath

You can enjoy the hot spring water of Daihachigaga riverside, take the opportunity to rest comfortably.

Comfortable bathing time

Our hotel including with Bath and dressing room is designed Japanese modern. If you see TV (VOD) in your room, you will be able to know how crowded condition of bath. We have inner bath and open-air bath. You can enjoy the good quality of hot spring of Hida Takayama.

Comfortable equipment

Hair dryer is new style, a vibration-evaporation type can quickly dry your hair at low temperature, so it will not hurt the cuticle. We prepare good quality of equipment.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Our shampoo, hair conditioner and a body soap are the aroma doll series with the popular fragrance of the pleasant Darjeeling tea which blended 6 kinds of plant extract and a Roman camomile herb extract of moisturizing formula in the large public bath.

Cosmetic amenity

We prepare fragrance-free and uncolored ladies' skin care products in the large indoor bath. It blends the collagen for lady's beauty.

Good time after bath

We prepare the Green Houji Tea, made in Hida-takayama, non-caffein after your bathing for water supplement. And you can enjoy at the entrance table with Origami and Kendama, traditional Japanese toy.