A warm hearted hotel wrapped in nature.

We prepared a comfortable accommodation for travelers to heal tiredness. Guest can stretch out their legs to relax. 'Tabi no Hotel' is the traveler’s paradise. You will have a unique experience different from luxury hotels and other inns, we deliver an accommodation that is perfect for those who travel actively, around the area of Hida Takayama.

Travel Points to Enjoy Japan

Hida Takayama is where you can enjoy traditional culture. We recommend the area called Honshu center. It is located at the relay point connecting the Hokuriku, Shinshu, and Tokai extending to the areas such as Shirakawago and Kamikochi. For those traveling by car or motorcycle, we aim to be a convenient place for people who wants a little bit more excitement in Japan.

Relax and replenish your tiredness.

Traveling can be very tiring. That is why we provide our guest fine bedding, open-air hot spring public bath, a breakfast that was prepared and served by our heartwarming staff. The hotel is quite casual but also with class, we promise that your stay will so comfortable that you need to try it at least once.