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Enjoy a buffet style breakfast

We serve a buffet-style breakfast at the restaurant. Enjoy western, Japanese and local Hida Takayama food with the delicious and fresh materials.

Open hours: From 6:30 to 9:30

Breakfast for every style

At Tabino Hotel Hida Takayama, we offer a menu suited to each guest.

Hida's seasonal items

We cook with good quality of materials made in Hida Takayama.

Download Takayama Gourmet Map

You can enjoy your breakfast and dinner in the downtown. We have a map with many restaurants we recommend.

Night exciting downtown to eat!

Dining is one of the pleasures of travel. We do not offer dinner at our hotel because we want you to enjoy your meals at your destination or in town.

Tabino Hotel Hida Takayama recommends some of the best restaurants and ryotei (Japanese-style restaurants) in Takayama. Please enjoy a deep night out in Takayama by renting a bicycle or using our shuttle service.

Ryotei Kakusho

The long-established ryotei "Shojin Ryori Kakusho" is one of the oldest restaurants in Gifu Prefecture, and its building and garden have been designated as a cultural asset by Takayama City for over 200 years. Along with the atmosphere of the restaurant, you can enjoy the unique cuisine, carefully prepared one by one, which is different from the traditional cuisine of temples.


We hope you will enjoy our delicacies, which are made with seasonal vegetables, fresh seafood, and the hearty skills of our craftsmen. The interior of the restaurant is designed in a relaxed, pure Japanese style so that you can enjoy your meal at your leisure.


This restaurant is affiliated with "Ginpu", a caterer located near Takayama Jinya. We offer authentic kaiseki cuisine that is unique to Hida, incorporating seasonal delicacies of the four seasons, at a reasonable and relaxing price.


You can enjoy your meal in the warm folk craft style restaurant while feeling the ancient Takayama atmosphere. Please enjoy not only Hida beef dishes, but also nostalgic local cuisine and locally brewed sake.

Aji no Yohei

Hida Beef Restaurant "Aji no Yohei" is run by Funasaka Sake Brewery, a sake brewery with a 200-year history. We offer a wide variety of food with uncompromising attention to detail and sake made from spring water produced in the mountains of Hida, which are linked to the Japanese Alps.