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Our Hotel and Facilities

"TABINO HOTEL Hida Takayama" is a new hotel aiming for harmony between Japanese tradition and contemporary design techniques. We make it important the warmth of wood and traditional Japanese technology, we thoroughly pursued the functionality required of the hotel.

Entrance and Lobby

You can meet the grade painted wall artwork by Mr. Shimpei Hatsuenta born Takayama at the entrance. Design incorporates the tradition, felt from the cityscape of Hida Takayama, warmth. You feel like an old private house with color of persimmons and wood.


Carefully selected souvenirs and local products.

Yukata Rental Service

You can wear the yukata of your choice in this service. Please let us know if you are interested in renting your own clothes.

Laundry machine

The Laundry machine is available for 24 hours. As washing machine and dryer can be used at 200 yen each time.

Wi-Fi Service

We have a High-speed Internet with Free Wi-Fi. We are preparing an environment connected to the world anytime, including tomorrow's plan and share of memories of the day.

Confirmation of congestion in large baths

You can check the congestion status on the room monitor in your room. You can relax in your spa time.